Get the Stunning Wildlife Photography of Paul Nicklen On Your IPad

nicklen app imagePaul Nicklen/Screen capture

If you love wildlife photography, and you love being able to view stunning images on your iPad, then this app is pretty much a must-have. It's from Paul Nicklen, the award-winning photographer who has had his work not only featured in National Geographic magazine multiple times but has also been featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. He's also just won the most prestigious award a wildlife photographer can possibly earn, Wildlife Photographer of the Year based on his ridiculously amazing images of Emperor penguins. And, his images have been some of the most popular posts here on TreeHugger.

And you can get his images on your iPad. Woot!

nicklen app imagePaul Nicklen/Screen capture

The blurb:

Join award-winning wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen on a journey from “Pole to Pole”. This new iPad app will bring you to the exiting world of wildlife both above and beneath the ice. Eight galleries and over 160 photographs of polar bears, seals and penguins reveal new facts about life in the frigid seas and the risks the planet faces. Discover photography tips from a pro & get involved with important conservation efforts.

It's a pretty spectacular body of work for a surprisingly cheap price, so we do indeed recommend downloading it if you're a fan of amazing nature images.

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