10-year-old goldfish survives brain tumor removal, expected to live another 20 years

George the fish getting surgery
Screen capture Youtube

In (strange) news today, George the 10-year-old goldfish is now recovering from the removal of a rather large brain tumor. His doctor expects that if recovery goes well, George could be with us for another 20 years. "George had a quite large tumour on the top of his head that was growing slowly, and it was beginning to affect his quality of life," Dr Rich from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital said.

The surgery took 45 minutes, with the fish under general anaesthetic and kept oxygenated by pumping pond water through his gills. So far, the recovery is apparently going swimmingly... (we had to do it)

Here are some photos of the operation from Lort Smith, the largest not-for-profit animal hospital in Australia in Melbourne, Australia, built by the Animal Welfare League of Victoria:

This might seem like fake news from The Onion, but it was reported in the Washington Post and by the BBC.

Here is the Facebook post by the Lort Smith vet hospital.

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