Genetically Modified Camel Milk Could Help Produce Pharmaceuticals

Pretty crazy stuff here (on a number of levels) and it well may be a good ways off from moving out of development: reports that researchers in Dubai are working on developing genetically modified camels, the milk from which would produce pharmaceutical proteins which could then be processed into cheaper-priced drugs (insulin, clotting factors for treating hemophilia are mentioned) than are currently available in the region.

The first genetically modified camel embryos are hoped to implanted in surrogate mothers later this year, though less than 5% of the cloned transgenic embryos are expected to make it to birth.

Why camels? Cows would be a better option from the standpoint of milk production, but camels have been chosen for this research as they are better suited for the arid environment of the United Arab Emirates and surrounding nations.


Cheaper priced drugs for treating potentially life-threatening diseases, really good.

Genetically modifying other species, without even a hint of consent and in a situation that surely benefits humans far far more than the camels, really not so good. It's an exploitative situation and simple, well beyond simply raising camels for milk, especially when you consider the rate of success for giving birth.

Genetically Modified Camel Milk Could Help Produce Pharmaceuticals
A ways off from commercial development, researchers in Dubai are attempting to make transgenic cloned camels, whose milk could help make cheaper drugs.

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