Gaia Luxury Hotel & Natural Reserve in Costa Rica


Gaia is a luxury five-star boutique hotel located in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, which describes itself as "a tropical getaway that offers sublime luxury in a spectacularly exotic locale" and "offers to the guest all that is desirable in an eco-friendly environment". The interesting part is that the hotel is located within a natural reserve, which formerly was a center for native species conservation and endangered wildlife rehabilitation. Even though that organization is not active today, Gaia's owners say, "the land remains set aside as a refuge for these species" and "their future is secured by the commitment of the Gaia Hotel and Reserve project: to preserve this natural reserve for generations to come. The hotel is not only environment-responsible, but also has many social services to the community: its owners hold regular meetings on how to improve the environmental impact of tourism in the area, provide a private conference room for AA meetings, and have plans to build a rehab center. Check more pictures and prices in the extended.

Via Rosser from Hugg.


They also have donated libraries to local schools, equipment to local Rural Guard Stations, and audiovisual equipment to the Municipality. The hotel is adults-only and among its services, there is an on-site restaurant, room service 24/7, spa, gym, and pool. It also offers different adventure, relaxing, and spa packages with excursions within the area. And yes, prices are high but not prohibitive: rooms start at 250 a night. Check them out at their website, under Accommodations. ::Gaia Hotel & Reserve

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