Free Sammy! Whale Shark in Dubai Aquarium Should Be Freed

atlantis the palm aquarium photo

Sammy shares that aquarium with some 65,000 other fish. Photo: Lori Greig via flickr.

Dubai's aquariums can't catch a break. First one in a mall cracks at the seams and now the one at the Atlantis The Palm hotel has come under fire for continuing to keep a four-year old female whale shark, dubbed Sammy.This is an about face, as initially the hotel received praise for rescuing the shark from shallow waters near the resort and nursed it back to health. But now that Sammy is in fine fettle, it ought not be kept just to lure visitors and should be release back into the the wild.

A letter from the Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF to the Atlantis said,

Holding a whale shark in a constraining artificial environment where it is unable to feed...and has a limited area to move can have fatal consequences.

Taking a potential breeder...from the wild, takes not only one whale shark from an already weakened whale shark population, but also the possible offspring she produces. (The Guardian)

Come on, it's time to free Sammy.

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