Freediver rides swift deep sea currents without equipment (Video)

Ocean Gravity
Video screen capture Ocean Gravity

Most of us can only imagine the conditions in the deeper depths of the sea, where underwater currents flow unpredictably and mysterious seascapes lay hidden. This short but impressive film takes us briefly into the world of freediving, where divers rely on their ability to hold their breath, rather than using equipment.

Featuring French freediver Guillaume Néry and filmed by director Julie Gautier (also a freediver), "Ocean Gravity" was shot in the Rangiroa atoll, about 355 kilometres northeast of Tahiti. The film shows Néry being propelled along by these swift underwater currents, alluding to another kind of "weightlessness" below the surface:

Just like in space, there is no high or low, there is no longer the face and back. The ocean becomes cosmos, man turns into a satellite in orbit and the bottom of the sea turns into an unknown planet.

OCEAN GRAVITY from Les films engloutis on Vimeo.

Ocean GravityOcean Gravity/Video screen capture

Néry appears very small and at the mercy of the currents as he is pushed along -- looking very much like a man in outer space. Stripped of vegetation and any identifying features or creatures, the terrain here does looks like it could belong to an alien planet.

Ocean GravityOcean Gravity/Video screen capture

Néry (holder of world records and a world freediving champion) and Gautier are both passionate about deep-sea freediving, and hope to express and share the enchantment of the sea through performance and a unique creative vision. Néry and Gautier are also parents to a little girl, currently travelling the world to film more of what they call "aquatic experiences," and pushing the outer limits of human experience. More over at Les Films Engloutis.

Freediver rides swift deep sea currents without equipment (Video)
Is it a deep sea dive or a floating voyage out into some unknown world?

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