Fox Scours Capitol Hill for a Fair and Balanced Meal

fox on capitol hill photo

It's easy to liken Washington DC to a jungle, full of donkeys and elephants, hawks and doves, and more than enough pork to feed them all -- but when they head home for recess, that's when the real wildlife comes out to play. On the grounds of Capitol Hill yesterday, folks were treated to an unusual sight: a red fox on the hunt -- and his ambitions were refreshingly unpolitical.A CNN photographer, Giaco Riggs, was at the Capitol, undoubtedly anticipating an uneventful day as Congress is in recess. That's when he spotted a single red fox "bounding playfully" on the Hill's 274 acres and sniffing around for a tasty squirrel.

"It just showed up and was hunting a squirrel," Riggs told CNN. "When he showed up, all the other squirrels ran away. When the fox went away, all the squirrels came back."

Amid the heated political discourse and staunch partisanship that normally dominates coverage of Capitol Hill, it's nice to know that there's still a small piece of the natural world to be found -- and a figure in Washington everyone can approve of.

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