Fox with head stuck in jar approaches humans for help (Video)

fox head in jar
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After centuries of being hunted for sport, foxes might have good reason to be wary of humans. But sometimes, when in desperate need of help, these oft-maligned animals evidently suspect that there are still enough good people willing to lend a hand.

In this video, apparently originating from Russia, several men are approached by a young fox that had gotten its head stuck in a jar. Though these animals in wild usually go to great lengths to avoid us, hours or perhaps days of no food and water may have driven this desperate creature to find assistance anywhere it could.

The orignal video was filmed in portait, but Reddit-user mrswarvey was kind enough to make it more easily watchable:

After being freed from the jar, the animal quickly scurries back into the forest, disoriented but seemingly still in decent shape. There's no telling how old the kit is, but the fact that it was foraging for food suggests that it is no longer dependent on its mother, hopefully improving its outlook for those of us concerned.

While this particular fox was lucky to find kindhearted folks to rescue it, humans are ultimately to blame for the dire straights it found itself in. Particularly in Spring, as a new generation of animals begins venturing out in search of a meal on their own, improperly disposed of food containers present an enticing opportunity. Sadly, however, such jars and packages can easily become lodged around an animal's neck, preventing them from eating or drinking.

And although humans are often around to help, one suspects that most animals aren't so lucky.

Via Reddit

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