Fox and Boar Aid in Captive Kangaroos' Brazen Escape

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Officials from an animal park in Frankfurt, Germany, are still in pursuit of a daring kangaroo which, along with two others, was able to slip through the facility's dual-perimeters over the weekend thanks to a some unlikely interspecies collaboration.

According to Michael Hoffmann, deputy head of the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsr├╝ck park, the kangaroos managed to escape their confines by crawling through a hole an unwitting fox had dug at the base of the fenced-in enclosure. With that hurdle passed, the brazen trio caught another lucky break in their hop towards freedom -- finding a hole in the park's exterior wall, left behind by a wild boar, that was big enough for the kangaroos to pass.

Authorities told The Local that two of the kangaroos were found just outside the wildlife park the next morning, but that one of the animals is still on the loose -- not that anyone should be worried:

"He's super friendly, super nice," says Hoffmann of the missing marsupial. "Absolutely no danger at all."

Park officials seem oddly understanding of the remarkable wildlife co-conspiracy, though it's hard to blame them. After all, some roos are just made to be broken free.

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