Forbes Lists Most Shark Infested Beaches

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Last year, 2010, was the most dangerous year on record when it comes to shark attacks. On the heels of a scientific paper detailing the first documented attack on a human by a cookiecutter shark, Forbes has shared a list of the most shark infested beaches. John Giuffo, who authored the piece in Forbes, fairly puts things into perspective: 2010 saw 79 confirmed shark attacks, while drowning took the lives of more than a million people. Even species that are probably off your horro-radar, like jellyfish, kill more people than sharks. Giuffo warns that "It's difficult to pinpoint any one beach that is more likely than others to be the site of a shark attack as sharks tend to avoid humans. There are certain regions, however, that are known to attract sharks in larger numbers, mostly due to the presence of seals and other animals that sharks prey on."

So what are those regions most likely to experience shark attacks? Florida leads the list. Hawaii, Australia (southern and eastern coasts), and South Africa follow closely. Check out all the beaches at risk over at Forbes.

And while you are at it, don't miss Jaymi's excellent review of the book Demon Fish, exploring humans' complicated relationship with sharks. As Giuffo observes: "...keep in mind that shark attacks are more of a phenomenon based on human recreational habits, rather than an innate tendency to feed on people. We're the invading species."

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