For the Sea Productions Suggests a New Year's Resolution

plastic bag decaying in the ocean depth photo

Image: For the Sea Productions

Can you identify what lurks in the photo above? Is it a starship limping home through darkest space after a battle to the near death? Another newly identified nightmare fish from the ocean depths? Or is it just an ordinary everyday household object? All is revealed when you watch the video embedded below.

The photo above shows a plastic shopping bag that inspires a short, fact-filled video from For the Sea Productions, who humbly request an addition to your list of New Year's Resolutions: use a re-usable shopping bag. Over 500 billion single-use plastic bags enter humanity's waste stream every year (US EPA statistics). Only 1% of these plastic bags are recycled, and recycling costs more than depending on foreign oil to produce new ones.

Sure there are lots of candidates for your good will in the New Year. But there are few where it is so easy to make a change. In this video, For the Sea Productions shares the astounding facts about the global plastic bag menace and highlights some of the places that are taking steps to make a change. We are sure everyone will find a reason to make a New Year's resolution for re-usable shopping bags after watching this video, whether to save the poor critters of the sea and air, to join China in reducing our dependency on foreign oil, or to keep petro-polymers out of our own food chain.

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