Football Season Is at Hand: Green Your Tailgating


As (American) football starts to wind down its pre-season and fans anxiously await their high school, college and professional teams' season debut, tailgating is on many a mind. Just as the coaches are tinkering with their playbooks in these last few days before the season, it may be time to work out the kinks in your tailgating plans. Thankfully, Lighter Footstep has come up with five handy tailgating eco-tips to help you get ready for the months of beer and burgers ahead.

1) Make Hank Hill proud, use propane.

Sure, propane is a petroleum product -- but it burns a lot cleaner than charcoal or wood fires. Propane also leaves behind less waste, and is particularly convenient when you're cooking away from home.
If you are a charcoal diehard, consider checking out the eco-friendly kind, and "skip the charcoal starter".

2) Try the veggie dog instead of the brat. TreeHugger's advice: make your veggie dog a true tailgate dog by piling on the peppers and onions.

3) Switch that Bud Light for a tastier organic beer.

Organic beer has really taken off in the past few years. Even big players like Anheuser-Busch have gotten into the act, which means organic brew may very well be sold wherever you normally buy groceries.

4) Bring reusable outdoor dishes instead of the disposable kind.

It's really not much of a hassle to bring some dishes from home. They needn't be your everyday ware: picking up a set of lightweight plastic place settings is a great outdoor investment, and you can probably find them secondhand for next to nothing at a garage sale or thrift store. Carry them home for washing in a lock-top box.

5) Crank it up. A crank radio is the perfect way to listen to the pregame commentary and get in the cheering mood.

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