First-Time Footage of Super Rare Sumatran Tiger & Cubs Released (Video)

Aw... WWF is really kicking in to the Year of Biodiversity quickly, just releasing first-time footage of some super-rare Sumatran tigers (mother + cubs) as the pass in front of and then, from what I can tell from the audio, attempt to lick, eat or other explore the camera trap which recorded the images.In case you weren't aware, there are slightly over 3,000 tigers left on the entire planet, and only about 400 of them are Sumatran tigers. These particular tigers were photographed last summer, but due to poor image quality a video camera trap was set up to gather more information.

As you might imagine, the main threat to these big cats is, yes, human activity. Karmila Parakkasi of WWF-Indonesia:

We are very concerned...because the territory of this tigress and its cubs is being rapidly cleared by two global paper companies, palm oil plantations, encroachers and illegal loggers.

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