First Sea Turtle Rescued from the Gulf Oil Spill...And It's a Baby!

rescued baby sea turtle photo

A baby sea turtle was the first animal rescued from the Gulf oil spill. Image credit: Meghan Calhoun, Audubon Nature Institute

The first animal to be rescued from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is recuperating in New Orleans; and it's an adorable baby sea turtle. The Kemp's ridley turtle was thought to be less than a year old.

rescued baby sea turtle photo

Image credit: Meghan Calhoun, Audubon Nature Institute

The turtle was found by a biologist scanning the slick for oiled animals. It was then taken to the Audubon Aquarium, where it was bathed repeatedly from head to tail. The seven-inch-long turtle—which is still small for the species—will receive many more baths, a spokesperson said, before it is ready for release.

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So far, more than 150 turtles have washed up on shores across the Gulf. However, since no oil has been found on or inside those turtles, their exact cause of death remains unknown.

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