First-Ever Geoengineering Research Ban Considered by Convention on Biological Diversity

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photo: James Jordan/Creative Commons

While preservation of the planet's dwindling biodiversity itself has rightly grabbed the headlines at the ongoing Convention on Biological Diversity in Japan, Science Insider points out an important geoengineering proposal that may or may not be adopted in the final declaration. It would effectively ban research on geoengineering schemes unless there is greater risk assessment undertaken.On page 145 of the conference agenda is the declaration that no:

Climate-related geo-engineering activities [should] take place until there is an adequate scientific basis on which to justify such activities and appropriate consideration of the associated risks for the environment and biodiversity and associated social, economic and cultural impacts.

The Science Insider article rightly points out that it's uncertain what effect the ban would actually have: Would it just be on full-scale deployment of geoengineering schemes or would it include computer model-based studies and research.

The original goes on with both supporters of specific geoengineering research and those scientists opposed to research bans on more theoretical grounds, and opponents of geoengineering weighing in.

TreeHugger has covered myriad geoengineering schemes, from the risky to the less risky, and the potentially quickly effective to the slower-acting. The range of activities that fall under the banner is quite broad.

So how to TreeHugger readers feel about this one? Should we really ban research on geoengineering?

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