Fire-Fly Stove by Mo-Go-Gear (or go DIY)


The Trangia alcohol camp stove is over 50 years old and largely unchanged in all that time. It is clearly a design classic. But with the re-emerging trend for ultralightweight backpacking, the tinkers have been out in force and have set their sights on making featherweight renditions of this venerable cooker. One such commercial model is the Fire-Fly stove by Mo-Go-Gear. Made from 100% recycled materials, with an included stand that contains 30% recycled content, it perches upon the scales at a paltry 22 grams (0.7oz), yet is said to boil 16 oz (470 ml) of water in 5 to 8 minutes. For $23 USD you can get the Fire-Fly with a wraparound windshield. (The recycled materials are derived from old beer cans and spent .22 Magnum shells!) Or you could make a similar version yourself, by investing about $5 and 4-6 hours, following the clear and illustrated instructions on Readymade. Should you be even more adventurous, check out the 20 or so self-made stoves on the Make Gear page of The Fire-Fly is available from ::Gossamer Gear.