Fetchstix: Mother Nature's Dog Toy Made From Actual Wood


Photo credit: Fetchstix

In a world saturated with flashy, electronic whatsits and geegaws, sometimes you've got to throw an old-fashioned dog a bone. Or in the case of the urban pooch who's pining for his own personal Walden, a wooden stick.
We're ambivalent about Fetchstix, though. On the one hand, a wooden stick is as natural a dog toy as you can get, no phthalates or other thongue-thwisting chemicals to contend with. On the other hand...it's a wooden stick. Is there anywhere on this big, blue marble of ours that is expansive enough to play fetch with a frolicking pup but yet completely bereft of trees, vegetation, or a misplaced twig or two?

Still, Fetchstix markets its toys as novelty items, so perhaps we're not meant to overthink them. Cut from thinned hardwood maple saplings in Vermont, each $12.95 Fetchstix bundle comes with a mix of three 8-inch and 11-inch sticks, as well as an owner's manual that instructs you in the long-lost art of stick-throwing. For the same price, you can also get an 11-inch stick with your dog's name burned into the middle. (For the purpose of identifying said stick among the underbrush? Beats us.) Shipping, you'll be pleased to note, is free within the continental United States.

So what do you think, kids? Doggone brilliant or barking mad?

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