FedEx Kinko's, Staples Top Environmental Score Card


Photo credit: maulleigh

Office-supply retailers have been upping their use of recycled paper, as well as their commitment to sustainable logging management and other environmental issues, according to a recent scorecard released by ForestEthics and Dogwood Alliance, which have tracked the environmental practices of the office-supply sector since 2000.

Topping the list of the top five U.S. office retailers are FedEx Kinko's and Staples, although each only scored a "B," leaving plenty of room for improvement, so don't get cocky, kids!The other companies were Corporate Express, Office Depot, and OfficeMax.

"The office supply sector has finally begun to make its paper supply more environmentally friendly," Andrew Goldberg, Dogwood Alliance's director of corporate engagement, said in a statement. “Where just a few years ago you could not find paper with recycled content, now it’s readily available. That’s a good first step, but these companies must sharpen their pencils and use their purchasing power to reform business-as-usual industrial logging and bring about improved management practices on the ground in the Endangered Forests of the U.S. South, North America’s Great Boreal Forest and other parts of the world." ::GreenBiz News