Family Restaurant In Chile Prepares All Food With Solar Cookers (Video)

Villaseca Solar Restaurant In The Chilean Desert - Photo

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Thanks to a program by a Chilean University and a government office, a group of families in the Villaseca town of Valle del Elqui, Chile, went from struggling with the task of finding firewood to cook and keep themselves warm, to getting proficient in the art of solar cooking. Among them are Carvajal's, who run a small family restaurant in which all food is prepared with the sun rays.Solar cookers are often associated with the preparation of small plates that require a long time, and it's clear that with their lower-than-regular-ovens temperatures some things work and some others don't in them.

Villaseca Solar Restaurant In The Chilean Desert - Photo

But the Villaseca Solar Restaurant is proving that you can even run a food venue with them if you're in a warm and dry area: in Chile, the sun shines an astounding 300 days a tear, according to

The restaurant has 10 solar ovens and serves up to 70 people a day. In the morning, ovens are oriented to the sun for an hour pre-heat, and then products are introduced. According to the owners, cooking a piece of goat meat takes about four hours.

Unfortunately, the venue doesn't have a website but if you're in the area and want to visit, the restaurant is located north of Santiago, in the Villaseca region, 5 kilometers from Vicuña.

Watch a video of the restaurant below:

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