Facebook Petition to Save Lake Skadar Made a Dam Difference

Lake Skadar photo

Image: chrn, Flickr

TreeHugger joined our friends at Wild Wonders of Europe in putting out the call for signatures on a FaceBook petition to Save Lake Skadar. Thanks to all of you who signed, the strategy is bearing fruits. WWF has announced that the Montenegrin government has decided to call off the original plans to build 4 dams on the Morača River in Montenegro! It is reassuring to know that the voice of the people can still influence the inexorably grinding gears of government and industry plans.
Francesca Antonelli, Head of the Freshwater Programme at WWF Mediterranean said: "We are happy to see that alternative solutions will be sought to the initial plan. Our voice and the one of the citizens was heard. The economic un-sustainability and environmental impact of the original plan were finally accepted by the government and this is a sign of responsibility."

For the time being, the protection of one of the "most important bird and fish habitats in the Mediterranean region" is assured. WWF and local partners will continue to watch the evolution in this case closely. Plans such as diverting the Tara River, which runs through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tara Canyon, remain on the table.

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