Extinct Frog Rediscovered in Australia

yellow spotted bell frog photo

Image credit: AP Photo

A small frog that had been declared extinct more than 30 years ago has been rediscovered in Australia. Litoria castanea, better known as the "yellow-spotted bell frog" or the "tablelands bell frog," was found in a creek bed on private property by biologists Luke Pearce and David Hunter.Hunter, who is a frog expert with the New South Wales Environment Department, commented that "this was definitely the most exciting moment of my career and I will be surprised if I repeat it." He went on to say that the discovery highlights the important roll property owners play in conservation efforts.

He explained:

The property owner at this particular site is extremely excited about having this critically endangered frog species on his land, and is very much looking forward to working with us in collaboration towards the conservation of the bell frog.

The exact location of the discovery will remain a secret to protect the fragile frog population and the homeowner's property.

State Environment Minister Frank Sartor said he was "advised that finding this frog is as significant a discovery as a Tasmanian tiger."

One of the frog's and a tadpole were collected and brought to Sydney's Taronga zoo where biologists and conservationists hope to establish a captive breeding program.

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