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Travel, when done responsibly and with purpose, provides an unparalleled opportunity for learning and discovery. Student travelers have the opportunity to become explorers, scientists, and adventurers.

But, for most, setting off on such an endeavor is a daunting idea. Indeed, students need a guide that can guarantee a worthwhile experience.Discovery Student Adventures offers curious students the opportunity to explore a number of destinations—from Washington, DC, to Beijing, China—while at the same time participating in research, taking action to help those in need, and reducing their environmental impact.

The all-inclusive trips, led by teachers and experts, challenge students to "learn adventurously"—indeed, they are the ultimate field trips.

Perhaps the best description, however, comes from the participants themselves. Shea Snider, a student from Castle Rock, Colorado, said:

The snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef was amazing. I liked it so much I want to be a marine biologist so I can explore the underwater world as a job.

Maha Ezalarab, a student from Verona, Wisconsin, said:

Discovery Student Adventures truly does live up to its name. Every day we discovered something new and along with that discovery came a new adventure. I couldn't complain about one thing about this trip. We were surrounded by the most incredible staff.

And Cory Bolotsky a student from Manalapan, New Jersey, said:

I would strongly suggest for anybody who has thought to travel abroad to do it now and do it with Discovery Student Adventures.

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