Every Empty Park Bench has a Story

bench park empty.photo

How many times have you passed an empty park bench, sat down and pondered the world's, or your own, problems. And maybe wondered about the cryptic plaque on the back that tells a small but unknown story.

Stephen Emms was walking in Hampstead Heath a few years ago and discovered a bench with the inscription 'They Could Do With A Bench Here.' He became hooked on finding out the stories that lie behind these plates and began photographing and writing about the benches and investigating their history.

empty park bench.photo

Every week in Time Out magazine there is a small picture of a bench and its touching, funny, sad or memorable tale. One week's was dedicated to "Memorial to the Unknown Husband. Often Imagined. Much Desired. Never Found." He wasn't able to find a story behind that one, but that's enough.

Another is in memory of "Two Postmen" who were work mates: one dying from a brain tumour at a young age, and the other newly retired. "A Green Thought in a Green Shade" is another evocative dedication to a teacher.

"Lived 35 Minutes. Loved Forever" is another poignant self-explanatory glimmer into a life. Bench Marks Via : Time Out

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