Everglades Restoration Plan Gets Chopped by Nearly Two-Thirds Due to Recession

florida everglades photo

photo: Sarah and Jason via flickr

It was great news nine months back, when it was announced that Florida would be buying a large swatch of the Everglades from United States Sugar Corp. for the purpose of restoring it to a more natural state. Well, the recession is taking its toll here as well; Florida governor Charlie Crist is scaling back the Everglades restoration plan:Initially the plan was for 180,000 acres to be purchased, for the price of $1.34 billion. Now the plan is to spend $530 million to buy 72,500 acres, with an option to buy the rest by 2019.

The proposal allows the 72,500 acres to be farmed for the next 7 years, leasing the land at a rate of $150 per acre. South Florida Water Management District can take 32,000 acres of land currently used for citrus, provided with one year notice is given. An additional 10,000 acres of cane land can be taken with two years notice, provided that the land will be used for approved and funded projects.

via: New York Times
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