Ever See a Blue Whale Life-Sized on Your Computer? Now You Can

life-sized blue whale eye image

So there really isn't anything that deep to this image. It's just a (more or less) life-sized blue whale eye. And on the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society site you can educate yourself/be mesmerized/waste some time for a while staring at it while the entire life-sized animal scrolls across your browser window. Believe me, it's way cooler than you might think:The whole thing is a promo to raise awareness for the WDCS anti-whaling campaign. WDCS points out that Japan, Norway and Iceland combined kills over 2,000 whales each year, with tens of thousands of dolphins and whales being killed annually.

More info on why whaling is cruel and unnecessary: WDCS (hat tip to David Adolphus via Facebook)

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