Event: Chainsaw Charity Sponsors Bike Ride for Trees

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Yes, the event is sponsored by a chainsaw maker, but the intentions are all good. The bike event has been an annual tradition since 1992 and has raised over $4.1 million for the protection and research of trees. This year, the Stihl Tour des Trees will leave New York on July 19 and wind its way throughout New England as bikers travel 500 miles in one week to raise money for tree research. Registration is now open, but that's not the only way you can get involved and support des trees.The entrance fee is rather steep, at $3,500, but that includes lodging, meals, snacks, beverages, mechanical support, a jersey, wind breaker and bike shorts. In 2008, the Tour des Trees raised over a quarter of a million US dollars and hopes to do at least as well this year with the renewed emphasis on trees and climate change. If you're not sure you can do the whole week or afford the steep entrance fee, you've got options. If you just want to bike a day or two, the entrance fee for a day is just $600 and you can find the map online to figure out your favorite leg of the trip. If you want to volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities as they will need help along all 500 miles. Better yet, the tour also needs sponsors for riders - so if you can't ride but would like to make a donation, you will make one rider's dreams come true by helping them get in the race.

It does seem slightly ironic that the maker of chainsaws (the kryptonite to trees) is supporting a bike event for trees and tree research. But, for its part, Stihl has been involved with several tree care organizations and non-profits including The Tree Fund - the recipient of funds raised via the Tour des Trees. What is a tree tour without some plantings? Don't worry, there will be trees planted at different spots throughout the tour. Past tours have taken place in the Midwest and in California - look for tours in your area coming soon. Registration is now open and all interested are encouraged to sign up online. :Tour des Trees
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