Even polar bears can't handle the polar vortex

Lincoln Park Zoo bear
CC BY 2.0 Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

It's too cold out even for polar bears, thanks the to polar vortex that has descended on North America. Zoo officials in Chicago, also known as #ChiBeria, are keeping their polar bear indoors during the city's below-zero temperatures. DNAinfo reports that the bear doesn't have the insulating blubber that would keep an animal in the wild warm:

Anana, the Lincoln Park Zoo's lone polar bear, is keeping warm in a "climate-controlled" area in the wake of the city's below-zero temperatures, according to zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar.

"She doesn’t typically enjoy the very cold much," Dewar said of the 12-year-old polar bear. "Few of us are accustomed to this cold."

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As Sarah Laskow at Grist observes, "You know it’s cold when the polar bear wants to go inside and snuggle up." When it's not instantly-face-numbingly cold out, Anana does enjoy the snow, as you can see in the quick clip from the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Even polar bears can't handle the polar vortex
Chicago's polar bear stays inside because it's too cold.