EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Decline in 2007... Due to Warmer Weather

scotland winter 2007 photo

photo: Jenni Douglas

Some new stats are in greenhouse gas emissions in the EU: In 2007 emissions fell 1.2%, a good thing for sure, but nothing that happened though actions anyone actively took to curtail use of fossil fuels, consumption of natural resources, more efficient use of energy, or any of the other ways we can combat climate change. It was all because of a warmer winter:Thanks to the warm winter, residential and commercial heating demand dropped and was cited in a new report from the European Environment Agency as being the primary cause of overall emission cuts. In fact emissions from electric power plants actually increased during the same time period.

Emissions fell in the EU by 59 million tons in 2007, to a total of 5.56 billion tons, with the top emitters, Germany and the UK, falling 2.4 and 1.4%.

via: Reuters
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