Escaped Baby Zebra Terrorizes Staten Island (Video)

Grist points us to this great little news snippet from the New York Times. A baby zebra and his pony partner in crime got loose and ran around for less time than it will take for all the publicity over the escape attempt to die down.

The aptly named Paparazzi, four months old, and a 14-year-old pony named Casper made a break for it, apparently sick of their petting zoo home owned by Giovanni Schirripa (who admits that the colt is more of a handful than he'd bargained for when he bought him from a breeder in Wisconson). While this is the first escape by the baby zebra, it is Casper's third. Clearly we have a Madagascar situation here.

Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

Escaped Baby Zebra Terrorizes Staten Island (Video)
That is, if "terrorizes" means the same thing as "runs all over the place with people pointing and staring and making iPhone videos".

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