Environmental Education Programs at Grand Canyon National Park Enhanced

photo: NPS Photo by Michael Quinn

Toyota donates $500,000 and five hybrids to the Grand Canyon National Park Association as part of a $5 million gift to the national park system. Read on to find out what plans the Grand Canyon has for these new funds.Car giant Toyota is showing its greener side by donating $500,000 and five hybrid vehicles to the Grand Canyon Association to support the nonprofit's educational, environmental, and safety programs. Recently, the company has become a big supporter of the national park system having also agreed to donate another $5 million to support five other national parks and the national park system as a whole. Toyota also plans to donate 23 more hybrid vehicles to the park system.

Grand Canyon's Environmental Education (GCEE) Program
The majority of these funds will be used to support the Grand Canyon's Environmental Education (GCEE) Program. GCEE provides grants to kids who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon allowing them to travel to the park to check out the stunning canyon in person. The program also provides gear for kids in the colder months to ensure that they can stave off the fall and winter chill.

Other Park Enhancements
The Grand Canyon will also use the money to add an additional School Resource Ranger during the week. These special Rangers act as resources for kids when they're out on the trail. Putting kids in touch with nature is the best way to ensure that they work to preserve it.

Take Kids Outside
The donation will also strengthen the Rim to River stewardship development program, which is available to high school students as a part of the No Child Left Inside Initiative. This initiative works with parents to get kids outside instead of planting them in front of the television. The United States has the largest national park system in the world and it's an awesome opportunity to see the best that nature has to offer.

The Park's New Rides
Toyota is also giving two Prius Hybrids and three Highlander Hybrids to the park, making driving around the park's 277 mile area much more eco-friendly.

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