Enviromower Eco 500 — The Grass Can Be Greener

Clara L. found us this one, while watching late night telly. Oh, Clara, how could you? Anyhow, in a stronger moment, she wrote to us: "The website is quite an eyesore, but their idea is nice." How true. If you can set aside the train-smash of a site, you'll find a cord-less electric lawn mower, with some impressive specs. It is 50% quieter than a petrol mower, weighs in at 23 kg (51 lb) and runs for a 1hour 20 minutes on a full 12 hour charge (75% charge in 3-5 hrs). Furthermore it's "estimated that a battery powered mower creates at least 85% less CO2 in comparison to a petrol mower, even when the electric power comes from brown coal generation." (Maybe you have seen the figures, which they quote, that a single 2 stroke petrol mower emits, in just one hour of use, the equivalent volume of VOCs as about forty late model cars.) >Enviromower figure their rechargeable battery will last more than 5 years, depending levels of use, and they will take them back for recycling. They buy 'Green Power' to run their own operations, and encourage mower users to do the same. $600 AUD and also available in New Zealand , United Kingdom and the EU. (Sorry, not yet in North America.) But, if in the home of the quarter acre house block, simply try ::Enviromower