Enjoy a Gorgeous Five-Day Cruise in Just Five Minutes (Video)

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Image via YouTube video screengrab

Holy wow. This video is such a trip (har har). It's not quite as relaxing as if you were on the cruise enjoying it in real time, but if you don't have the funds or vacation time from work, the five minutes it takes to experience five days aboard this ship is sure amazing -- and, we must admit, a whole lot greener.

cruise in 5 minutes image

The video is a time-lapse recording of a Norwegian Coastal Express ship's 134-hour, 2,600-kilometer tour from Bergen to Kirkenes. It was livestreamed by Norwegian Public Service broadcaster NRK, and then compressed into a mere 5 minute video.

According to The Daily What, "The Guinness Book of Records later certified the broadcast as 'the longest continuously aired documentary.'"

A.Maze.Ing. Now, cruises are not known to be the greenest way to take a vacation. In fact, the EPA notes that standards on cruise ship pollution need to be significantly improved to help save thousands of lives every year. However, if this video gets you itching for a cruise, there are a few relatively ocean-friendly(er) cruise options.

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cruise in 5 minutes image

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