Endangered Rockhopper Penguins Covered In Oil By Remote South Atlantic Oil Spill (Video)

rockhopper penguin photo

photo: Graeme/Creative Commons

Given that there's an ongoing nuclear power plant crisis in Japan and another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, you may have missed this one: An oil spill caused by a ship run around on Nightingale Island in the South Atlantic (part of Tristan da Cunha group of islands) which has resulted in rockhopper penguins, listed as endangered by IUCN, and seals being covered in oil, in addition to the undoubted effects on the less charismatic parts of the food chain.

In the video above National Geographic's Andrew Evans, who had already been planning to visit the region, arrives soon after the spill happened and shows us what he witnessed.

tristan da cunha map

map: Wikipedia
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