Blood Dolphins Miniseries Picks Up Where The Cove Left Off

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Unless you purposefully ignore pop culture news coverage, you're likely familiar with The Cove, the Oscar-winning documentary revealing the annual dolphin hunts in Japan. The film made an incredible impression on global audiences and uncovered hidden secrets about dolphin and whale meat in Japanese fish markets. However, Animal Planet knows the story can't be held in just one documentary film. Airing next Friday, August 27th, is Blood Dolphin, a miniseries that delves deeper into dolphin hunts.

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The Blood Dolphins three-part series features Ric O'Barry, the leading activist behind ending dolphin hunts, and his son Lincoln as they travel across the world trying to stop the slaughter.

The first episode shows O'Barry returning to the cove where last year's hunt was delayed, thanks to the impact of the documentary. The second episode sees the advocates off to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, which has become a central part of the blood trade in wild dolphins. The third episode shows the progress they try to make in ending the trading in this part of the world, which could have far-reaching impacts on ending slaughters and round-ups on a large scale.

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Dolphins are considered sentient beings, and scientists who recognize the self-awareness and complex social structure on par with that of humans argue that they should be granted non-human person status, complete with the rights to life, liberty and well-being. In other words, they're one notch away from humans, so please don't eat them.

The new show will coincide with Blue August, a month of water- and ocean-related coverage on both TreeHugger and Planet Green. Catch episode guides, quizzes, videos, photos and a whole lot more on Animal Planet's Blood Dolphin website.

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