An Elegant Wilderness: The Gilded Age of the Adirondacks Awoke Conservationists (Slideshow)

rowing adirondacks new york photo

Photo credit: Seneca Ray Stoddard courtesy of Gladys Montgomery

In her new book An Elegant Wilderness, Gladys Montgomery collects photographs and stories from one of the premier vacation destinations of the Gilded Age: The Adirondacks.

For the era's rich, escaping the stresses of urban life was essential and the great camps of this mountain range—combining a natural setting and incredible opulence—became a favored destination. Yet the homes built in the region, Montgomery says, did more than simply house the wealthy.

"Photographer Seneca Ray Stoddard toured New York State with a slide lecture," she explains, "showing the devastation of the Adirondacks by lumber companies and was instrumental in the passage of the state constitutional provision protecting the Adirondack Park."

An Elegant Wilderness The Gilded Age of the Adirondacks Awoke Conservationists slideshow

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