Elizabeth Carmel's Spectacular Sierra Nevada, Captured Before Global Warming Changes it All (Slideshow)

sand harbor lake tahoe elizabeth carmel photo

"Winter Sunset, Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe." Photograph by Elizabeth Carmel.

In the 1930s, famed photographer Ansel Adams' images of the Kings River region of the Sierra Nevada helped protect the area as a national park. Seventy years later, photographer Elizabeth Carmel hopes to help preserve the Sierra Nevada, known as "the Range of Light," from one of the biggest threats facing it today: the effects of climate change. In her new book, The Changing Range of Light, the artist pairs her gorgeous photos with text from two scientists about how the landscapes shown are subtly, but inexorably being altered. "The characteristic interplay of biological and physical forces within a place is its identity -- its soul, its personality, its essence," Carmel writes in the preface to her book. "I strive in my work to capture this expression of a place, to communicate a fleeting gesture of the landscape that is forever changing."

Spectacular Sierra Nevada Landscape at Risk Slideshow
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