Einride Jacket by Klattermusen. Weatherproof Cotton


A cross border European story. During WWII, Britain needed to save the lives of their RAF pilots who were ending up in the freezing waters of the North Sea. A new flight suit was designed using a specially created cotton fabric that had 30% more fibre woven in than standard fabrics. The resulting cloth was highly wind and water resistant allowing many pilots to survive their ditchings. This was 30 years before Gore-tex arrived on the scene. This remarkable cloth can be found in the UK under the brand Ventile (as used in jackets by our pals, Howies), or as Etaproof, much the same cloth, but now made in Switzerland. Klattermusen, an outdoor apparel company from Sweden use Etaproof to craft their Einride jacket. A garment which has just be recognised for design excellence at ...... the OutDoor trade show in Germany. The awards were managed by IF International Forum Design. But what particularly attracts us to this story, aside from the fact that the jacket can shed rain for more than three hours, without need of synthetic membrane or coating, is that Klattermusen are suggesting their fabric is a 100% organic cotton version of Etaproof. (This is very exciting, I was looking for such a cloth 10 years ago.) Anyhow, the Einride for men and women comes in 5 colours, for the princely sum of 3301 SEK (€356 or $450 USD.) ::Klattermusen, via OutDoor.