Eco Decking Tile from Eco Woods

Available for several years in Australia, Japan and Germany, Eco Decking Tiles are just coming to the United States and is truly a product for all you DIYers. Your deck can be installed in a matter of minutes with these decking tiles because of the way they "snap" together. Screws, nails, adhesives or any other type of material is not needed for its installation. The tiles are crafted from Bolivian Ipe wood which naturally resists rot, decay, insects and mold without chemical treatments making these tiles last longer than your standard deck. Additionally, the hardness and natural durability of this wood allows the tiles to be installed and remain outdoors even in the harshest climates while sustaining little to no damage. According to Eco Woods' PR firm "the Ipe wood harvested for the tiles are regulated by the strictest environmental standards, providing homeowners the assurance, that their new deck is not only beautiful but also ecologically sound." Moving and can't bear to leave your work behind? Disassemble in a matter of minutes and take it with you to your next home. Via ::PR Newswire ::Eco Woods