Eat a Lionfish to Protect Caribbean Reefs

lionfish face photo

Photo credit: poplinre/Creative Commons

Placing invasive species on the menu to curb their expansion has been attempted with everything from squirrels to kangaroo to camel, and now conservationists are asking diners to turn their attention—and appetites—to lionfish in the Caribbean.

Though the idea is far from new—TreeHugger has reported on it several times—the campaign is being intensified with a new PSA.

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Photo credit: greaterumbrage/Creative Commons

Running 60 seconds, the new PSA takes a lighthearted approach while acknowledging the grim realities. Indeed, it shows the shocking speed of the spread of lionfish in the Caribbean and depicts a future in which the fish is the only thing available on the menu.

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The message is clear: Help stop the lionfish invasion today, or there may be no other choice but to eat them—and nothing else—in the region in the near future.

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Photo credit: Stéfan/Creative Commons

Fortunately for present day diners, doing their conservation duty is, apparently, delicious. The campaign offers a selection of recipes for cooking the difficult to contain but easy to catch fish.

There may be no other way to have a laugh, enjoy a meal, and protect the Caribbean's delicate endemic ecosystem at the same time.

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