These bags aren’t like the Eclipse Solar Gear Reactor Backpack or the Voltaic Solar Backpack for one obvious reason – they aren’t solar. But they are indeed TreeHugger. Earthpaks are sporty bags with rugged utility and are environmentally conscious at the same time. They are made from discarded plastic soda bottles and, on average, each bag uses 12 two-liter bottles. Here’s how it works: the bottles are shredded into small pellets then processed into a fine fiber, which is then spun into a fine yarn and woven into a high-tech, durable fabric. It is then sewn into Earthpaks with military-spec quality thread, which makes the seams super-strong – 200% more than the average bag! These bags come in tons of different styles and in each description it tells you how many bottles they’ve saved from going to the landfill. Here are a few examples...

Misterio - # of bottles used = 8


Nino-Duffle - # of bottles used = 6


Lunchsack - # of bottles used = 2


Integrator Computer Bag - # of bottles used = 14

::Earthpak Backpacks [by KD]