Earth Friendly Kayaks


Could this be the 'first' business established because of TreeHugger? Seems possible. "Earth Friendly Kayaks was established in response to the many inquires I had from people who wanted to buy Walden Kayaks after the company went through liquidation and a change of ownership in 2005. Many people called me as a result of an article on, because I had purchased some of the finished kayaks and work in progress." The particular posts that Martin Bloomberg is referring to can be found here, and here. The good news is that the Walden Kayaks are again being manufactured, in the USA, "by a long-established boat building family" and sold via Earth Friendly Kayaks. The reason we were originally interested is because they were made from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE or plastic code no.2). This is the same stuff that milk jugs are made from. The bad news is we are aren't entirely sure what the actual percentage of post-consumer or post industrial recycled HDPE is. But some is sure better than nowt. And ain't it grand that TH stimulated demand for a human-powered craft of recycled material? Five models on offer, with the Vista Expedition shown here is the mid-price range at $750 USD. ::Earth Friendly Kayaks.