Eagle Nearly Flies Off With Child in a Montreal Park (Video)

Mont Royal Park, a wooded hilltop located less than a mile from the heart of downtown Montreal, is a popular destination for urban-dwellers looking for an easy escape from the hum of the city. But on a recent outing to that slice of landscaped nature, one family narrowly avoided a tragic reminder that our place atop the food-chain isn't without some competition.

In a harrowing video uploaded today to YouTube, a large Golden eagle is seen circling overhead before swooping down and snatching a small child seated in the grass. Luckily, the bird of prey doesn't get far before being startled into releasing its grip on the youngster's heavy jacket. Nevertheless, the whole terrifying incident certainly provides an argument against taking for granted the power and presence of a natural world we so often feel we've tamed.

Via Reddit

UPDATE: After stabilizing the video above, YouTube user ParaBreakdown has laid out some pretty convincing evidence that the footage above is faked using CGI trickery. Bird expert Kenn Kaufman has weighed in too, claiming the video to be false.

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