Don't Miss San Francisco's 7th Ocean Film Fest

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Image from film "Sea Horse Sleuths," by Joan Johnson

It's back! The San Francisco Ocean Film Fest is back for its seventh year. If you're in or anywhere near San Francisco this Wednesday through Sunday, you'll want to stop by Pier 39. I attended the event last year and was stunned by the quality and quantity of independent documentaries and short films exploring our oceans and the results - both good and bad - of human interaction with them. Check out some of the line up at this year's event, and learn how you can catch the films if you can't attend. The line-up of films is world class. Several major documentaries are scheduled, including The Cove - a film that is changing the face of dolphin hunting in Japan - and numerous short films that explore a wide range of topics concerning our oceans, from a profile of Silvia Earl to the physics of sailing.

Catch the world premier of Isla Holbox, Whale Shark Island, a documentary exploring the benefits - and major eco-concerns - of the discovery of whale sharks off an island that has become a popular tourist destination.

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Image via "Isla Holbox Whale Shark Island," by Kip Evans

"Isla Holbox (pronounced "hole-bosh") was a well-kept secret until 6 years ago, when whale sharks were discovered right off its coast. Once a small fishing village with just 1600 year-round residents, Holbox has since become a popular summer tourist destination. Although whale sharks are generally considered solitary animals, they congregate in the waters surrounding Holbox to feed and mate during the summer months. The island is now one of the top places in the world to see and swim with these gentle giants. This film highlights some of the successes and concerns as Holbox transitions from a fishing community to an ecotourism destination."

Catch interviews about the films at the Ocean Film Fest blog, see clips from the films at their YouTube site, and of course stay tuned here on TreeHugger as I, a nature documentary nut, attend the event and bring you updates on what to watch.

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Image via "Terra Antarctica," by Jon Bowermaster
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