Donkeys Painted as Zebras Are a Cheap Option for One Down and Out Zoo (Video)

zebra donkeys image

Image via video screengrab

A little on par with a flea circus, visitors to the Marah Land Zoo in Gaza city will feast their eyes on black and white...donkeys. After the zoo's two zebras died of starvation earlier in the year during the Israel-Hamas war, the only option for the budget-strapped zoo was to take a couple buckets of hair dye to some donkeys.

As one father put it, since his three children have never seen a real zebra, they thought the Gaza version was just fine. Why not? And since they're donkeys, the kids get to pet and ride them - something not allowed with the zebras.

Even if you came to see the zebras, seeing painted donkeys is still interesting. Seems rather scrappy - if the hair dye is nontoxic to the animals, of course.

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