Dog and elephant are inseparable best friends [Video]

dog and elephant photo
Video screen capture YouTube

Wow. Okay so this will make you laugh and might make you tear up a bit at the sheer sweetness. Bubbles the elephant and Bella the dog are very best friends, and walk, swim and play together. Apparently they've been a bit of an internet sensation for a few years so why it took us so long to find out about them is beyond me. How could we miss this awesomeness?!

bella and bubbles photoYouTube/Video screen capture

I mean really. If the world starts getting you down, just watch this, and everything is roses for awhile.

Mother Nature Network writes, "Bubbles and Bella are the very best of friends, and neither seems to care about their difference in size — or species. The unlikely pair lives together at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina and can often be seen walking, playing and splashing together on the 50-acre preserve."

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