Does Your Ski Resort Rank Green?

"Every skier makes a difference." This is the reason that the Ski Area Citizens Coalition maintains an environmental scorecard on the major ski resorts in the USA.

The rankings appear to be well-founded and comprehensive. Ratings have been expanded recently to include impacts of logging and to roadless areas as well as preferences for renewable energy sources. The scorecard includes many categories specific to ski resorts, such as conservation by avoiding snowmaking, as well as more traditional concerns such as protecting wetlands and old growth forests. In addition to a clear report on the points awarded in each category, the scorecards document the reasons points were deducted in a clear and transparent manner. Attachments further support the decisions.Visitors to the website are invited to make their voice heard in support of strong environmental policies by clicking an auto-email option. Clicking produces (like magic) a proposed email text which can be edited if you wish. The text encourages more of the same from resorts in the top rankings and advises resorts in the bottom rankings that their performance ranking is causing concerns.

Unfortunately, the Ski Area Citizens Coaltions does not rate resorts outside of the USA. One realizes this upon finding that Ski Dubai did not make the coalition's "worst ten" list. Citizens of Michigan, Minnesota and a range of other states will be dissappointed to see that rankings are not yet available for many popular ski resorts closer to home.

TreeHugger ranks the Ski Area Citizens Coalition as one of the best designed and implemented eco-rating websites we have seen. Respect. We hope to see the scope and range of their efforts continue to grow.

Via ::Ski Area Citizens Coalition
Image via Aspen Mountain Summit for Life Uphill Race at top-ranked Aspen Mountain Ski Resort

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