Documentary Shows What It's Like to Work in Antarctica...During Winter!

Anthony Powell is a photographer and filmmaker that has worked on some amazing projects, from footage for the New York Museum of Natural History to working on the Frozen Planet documentary. But he has been working on another project that will give us a view of Antarctica like we've rarely ever seen it. Antarctica: A Year on Ice will show what it is like to live and work on the continent all year, including during the dark winters. And you can help bring this project to life.

The project has a fundraising goal of $40,000 and has 25 days left to meet that number. The money will go to creating the soundtrack, which will complete the documentary.

Powell writes, "Never before has this been brought to the screen. Documentary film crews usually only get to visit Antarctica during the few short months of summer. This film includes footage meticulously gathered over 10 years, including 9 winters, isolated from the rest of the world, in 24-hour darkness and mind-numbing cold for months at a time."

It's an amazing project, and seeing what it's like to work on Antarctica, keeping the stations running so scientists can do their work, is fascinating. If you're interested in seeing this documentary come to theaters this year, check out the Kickstarter project!

Documentary Shows What It's Like to Work in Antarctica...During Winter!
A photographer and filmmaker has put together an incredible documentary -- but needs your fundraising help on Kickstarter to get the project completed and in to theaters.

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