Do Young People prefer Virtual Travel and Experiences to the Real Thing?


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Travel is enriching and educational, but it is not without its problems. But it seems that it will be less of a problem in the future; young people appear less interested in it. Futurologist Ian Yeoman has seen the trend in Japan:

"What they've seen in the last ten years - because they've had deflation and also the Japanese consumer has gone inward - is that they're spending more now on in-home entertainment and technology rather than travelling the world. That's an indicator of what could happen."

Of course, this is from a man who also predicts that extreme Swedish ironing will be an Olympic Sport.Yeoman consulted to the Future Foundation on a report on the Future of Free Time for UK Travel site One group they identify are 'Go-Nowhere Gamers' who would rather socialise online and play games than explore the world. The Telegraph explains:

"Perhaps worryingly, a new generation will reject travel altogether in favour of gaming, social networking and 'always on' media. As in-home leisure is becoming more engaging, a group of young people will emerge who do not go out any more. Rather than travel, this group of Go-Nowhere-Gamers prefer to transfer their lives into the home, playing computer games and watching interactive 3D TV. They will find out-of-home activity too 'action-poor'."

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