Do Wild Pigs Know the Daylight Savings Time?

Wild pigs in berlin photo

Animals Shocked by Daylight Savings Time Change
You bet animals know what time it is! Wild pigs have a highly acute sense of time. What they don't know is this: humans swing their daily schedule up an hour in the Spring and back an hour in the Fall. And this can lead to conflicts. Wild pigs accustomed to enjoying their usual evening acorn-snuffle in the lonely dusk may be surprised to find the two-legged naked animals up and about. And a surprised wild pig is a dangerous wild pig.Europeans set the clock back an hour this morning (the last Sunday in October), and North Americans will join them in the semi-annual clock changing ritual a week from now (the first Sunday in November). It seems a good time to take a moment and consider all the implications that our schedule tweaking may have.

The Silent Pedestrian Killer
Time changes have been called the silent pedestrian killer because of the peak in deaths in the weeks after a time change. A study by professors Paul Fischbeck and David Gerard published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette several years ago noted that "pedestrians walking during the evening rush hour are nearly three times more likely to be struck and killed by cars in the weeks after the fall time change".

Energy Savings Questioned
The question of whether to change or not to change the clocks for optimal energy efficiency remains open after an Indiana study suggested Daylight Savings Time may cost billions of dollars in increased electrical bills.

Unnatural Behavior
Many humans look forward to waking to sunlight in the morning again after the shortening days have left them shuffling in the dark when the alarm clock rings. But as the only animal regulating our days by mechanical clicks, we are out of sync with the rhythms of nature. So during the time change, remember your house pet may need some time to adjust to the new schedule. Be sensitive to the effects you may have on your evening jog or your commute. And if you live where the wild things are, be especially careful. A human encounter with a wild animal can be dangerous for the human, but more often ends in tragedy for the animal.

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