Direct Action Against Whalers Works! Japan's Whale Catch Falls Short of Targets

minke whale photo

Minke whale photo: René Ehrardt via flickr

Say what you like of Sea Shepherd's tactics, but they are working. And that's not a bit of PR from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society itself, it comes from the Japanese Fisheries Agency. This year's Antarctic hunt fell well short of its target:Though the target for minke whales was 850, only 679 were caught due to disruptions caused by protestors. Whalers had hoped to catch 50 fin whales, but they managed to kill only one.

A combination of bad weather and disruptions due to direct action on the part of Sea Shepherd caused the whaling fleet to lose 16 days of potential hunt time.

Japan officially stopped commercial whale hunting over two decades ago, but has since carried on hunting whales for "scientific research".

via: Reuters
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